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Dr. (Mrs) R. Das

Dr. T.J. Keisa

Dr. Reeta Luikhan

Dr. D.K. Gogoi


Editor in Chief

Dr. Mahananda Chutia


Associate Editors

Dr. G. Subrahmanyam


Financial Support and Acknowledgement

DBT, New Delhi


 BioQuest -A scientific magazine


BioQuest -A scientific magazine

BioQuest is a scientific magazine cum news letter published by the Advanced Level Institutional Biotech Hub, CMER&TI, Lahdoigarh and supported (financial) by Department of Biotechnology, Govrt. of India which is published twice in a year i.e. January and July.


We strongly believe that contribution from interested individual or group will greatly enrich the content of the newsletter and encourage and motivate the young minds in this region of India. The first issue will be released in July 2017. The magazine is featuring articles from Scientists, Academicians, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Govt. officials, Research Scholars, Students in various aspects of biotechnology and allied areas and current developments in this broad spectrum field.


Articles, innovation, success stories, news items etc. are invites in the field of Biotechnology and allied areas for publishing in the 1st and corresponding issues of the magazine. Details of the requirement of the articles are given below as well as in the institute website: General and research articles, research communications, correspondence including letters that are of general interest to scientists and technical comments, including those on articles or communications published in scientific journals within the previous six months will be published in the Magazine. Technical notes and news can cover important scientific events or any other news of interest to scientists in general. Research news, opinions, commentary, reviews etc are also published including write-up from the students in the Student’s Corner.


The documents should be typed and double-spaced (Font size: 12 in Times New Roman. The research based articles should be ordered as follows: Title page, abstract, key words, text, acknowledgements, references, tables, figure legends. References should be in the following format.

1.    Lindley ST (2003) Estimation of population growth and extinction parameters from noisy data. Ecological Applications, 13, 806–813.

2.    Martin H (1994) The Archaean grey gnesisses and the genesis of continental crust. In: Archaean Crustal Evolution (ed. Condie, K. C.), Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp. 205–259.


Any interested individual or group can send their contributions to the email id: for publications in the magazine. Articles received from the authors will be reviewed and decision will be sent to the authors within a month. For any other details, please contact Dr. M. Chutia, Editor-in-Chief, BioQuest, CMER&TI, Central Silk Board, Lahdoigarh, Jorhat-785700, India; Email:


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