Results Framework Document (RFD) of CMER&TI, Lahdoigarh for the year (2018-19)


Section 1: Vision, Mission, Objectives and Functions

Section–2. Centre se priorities among key objectives, success indicators and targets

Section–3. Trend Value of the Success Indicators

Section-4-6. Description and Definition of Success Indicators and Measurement Methodology

                   Specific Performance Requirement from other Departments/Institutes

                   Outcome/Impact of activities of Institute


RFD Action Plan of CMER&TI, Lahdoigarh for the year 2018-19

RFD for the year 2018-19 (Scientist linked)


Format for submitting Quarterly Report of RFD of CMER&TI, Lahdoigarh (All Scientist/Staff concern)

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