Technologies and patents :
  • Clonal propagation of som through single leaf bud cutting

  • Intercropping of cash crops with som plantation

  • Management of leaf blight disease of soalu

  • Colourmorphs of muga silkworm

  • Box type bamboo mountage for mounting of mature worms

  • Biological control  of uzi fly

  • Management of muscardine disease

  • BANI-  a muga weft reeling machine

  • Muga Cocoon Drying chamber

  • Muga silk plus - an effective cooking chemical for muga cocoon     

  • Package of practices for castor cultivation

  • Package of practices for kesseru cultivation

  • Ecoraces of Eri silkworm

  • Intercropping of cash crops with  kesseru  plantation

  • Platform rearing technology of eri silkworm

  • Bamboo strip type mountage for cocooning

  • Organic manure based farming system for muga host plant

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