Patents/ Commercialization of Technologies

A. Patent filed/granted/commercialized

Sl. No. Name of the technologies /Patent
1 Phyto-blighton: An anti-blight eco-friendly bio-formulation
2 Muga nutride-semisynthetic diet of muga silkworm
3 Muga Silk Plus- A chemical formulation for cooking muga cocoon for higher silk yield
4 Muga Weft Reeling Machine (BANI)
5 Muga Cocoon Drying Chamber
6 An anti- muscardine chemical formulation “ Lahdoi”

B. Technologies assigned (under field trial)

Sl. No. Name of the technologies
1 Development of long term cocoon preservation schedule in muga silkworm
2 Bio-control of uzi flies in muga silkworm
3 New Eri Silkworm breed C2 for higher productivity
4 Two Castor accessions Acc-003 and Acc-004 for higher leaf yield and eri cocoon production
5 Organic based Farming system in muga host plant – Som
6 Ready reckoner for NPK application based on soil test value