Central Muga Eri Research & Training Institute (CMER&TI) is located at Lahdoigarh, adjacent to Deha Gajporia village under Central Jorhat Devlopment Block, Chipahikhola. It takes only ½ hour (30 min) journey by road both from Jorhat ASTC Bus Stop/Jorhat Railway Station and 1 hour from Airport. Jorhat city is approachable easily from Guwahati, the capital of Assam, by air/bus/train (Intercity Express and Jana Shatabdi express etc). Jorhat is located in the central part of the state in the North Eastern part of India, which is famous for Tea, Timber and the world’s biggest riverrine island “Majuli”.


Climate, in general, is moderate with the temperature varying between 6°C to 36°C, with the relative humidity of 51 to 100 per cent receiving average annual rainfall of 1200-1500 mm. The seasonal calendar is basically divided into 4 seasons – summer, winter, autumn and monsoon.

Summer: April-June. Usually hot and humid. However, occasional showers lower down the average temperature during this season. The usual temperature is around 15-33oC and rainfall 350-450 mm.

Monsoon: Summer is followed by north-west monsoons. It starts from July and ends at September. Though this weather is favourable, sometimes create problems like water logging receiving average rainfall of 650-700 mm. The usual temperature is 22 -35oC


Extremely pleasant during this period (October–November)  receiving average rainfall of 100-130mm and temperature of about 20-33 oC.

Winter (December-February):

The average temperature during this time ranges from 6oC to a maximum of about 28oC. The typical characteristics of this season are scanty rainfall ranging from 0-30 mm and foggy or misty mornings and evenings.

Wind is not so strong which may cause heavy damage.

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