Sl. No.
Institute/ CSB Code

80 AIP-5895 Biology, population dynamics and control of Sycanus collaris Fab. and E. furcellata Wolff (Insecta: Heteroptera)-potential predators of muga silkworm Oct., 2017-Sept., 2020
79 APR–5892 Formulation of Semi-synthetic diet for rearing Muga silkworm, Antheraea assamensis Helfer Oct., 2017-Sept., 2020
78 ARP 5889 Studies on the cross transmission of pebrine spores from lepidopteran caterpillars to muga silkworm ( Antheraea assamensis , Helfer) and its control measures June 2017-May 2020
77 APR 5890 Biodiversity assessment of wild silkmoths and rearing potentialities of muga (Antheraea assamensis Helfer) and eri silkworm (Samia ricini Donovan) for sustainable development in Nagaland Feb., 2017 – Jan., 2020
76 PRP-5880 Characterization and efficacy of bacterial antagonists against Alternaria ricini infecting Castor in North-eastern India India Sept., 2016 – Feb. 2020
75 RP 5867 Characterization, transmission and cyto-pathology of infectious flacherie and cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus in muga silkworm, Antheraea assamensis Helfer July 2013 – March 2018
74 PIE 5853 Collection, characterization, evaluation and conservation of perennial host plants of eri Silkworm rearing Sept’11 – Aug.’14
73 AIE 5854 Exploration, collection, characterization and cataloguing of wild sericigenous insects available in North East India Sept.’11 – Aug.’14
72 APS 5859 Development of egg preservation schedule in muga silkworm Antheraea assamensis Helfer Sept.’11 – Aug.’15
71 AIB 5857 Evaluation and identification of suitable strain (s) and eco race (s) of eri silkworm Samia ricini Donovan Sept.’11 – Aug.’13
70 APR 5858 Eri silkworm ( Samia ricini ) rearing and cocoon production in relation to host plant castor genotypes ( Ricnius communis ) raised under different soil fertility leaves under rain fed conditions in semi-arid region. Sept’’11 – Aug.’14
69 APS 5859 Development of egg preservation technique of eri silkworm Samia ricini (Donovan) Sept.’11 – Aug.’14
68 ARE 5860 Development of diagnostics of muga and eri related silkworm in NE region Sept.’11 – Aug.’13
67 Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS)
Dec.’11 – Nov’16
66 PRE 5852 Forecasting and forewarning for pest and diseases of muga host plants and silkworm Jan.’11 – Dec.’13
65 AIB 5851 Development of high yielding muga silkworm breed through population improvement Feb.’11 – Dec.’15
64 PRP-5862 Screening of microbial flora (potential biofertilizer) of castor rhizosphere and development of INM package in ericulture Aug. ’12 – July ’15
63 ARC 5864 Studies on the insect fauna associated with muga-ecosystem in North East India   with emphasis on the illustrated diagnostics Aug. ’12 – July ’15
62 AIP 5861 Molecular approaches in characterization and utilization of gut microflora from muga silkworm Antheraea assamensis for enhancing productivity of muga culture in North Eastern India (In collaboration with IARI, New Delhi). June ’12 – May ’15
61 MOE 5863 Sustainable Rural livelihood: adoption and refinement of improved technologies of eri culture in Brahmaputra valley of Assam [Women Scientist Fellowship Scheme] Dec. ’12 – Nov.’14
60 PRP-5855 Identification of stable source of resistance against major foliar diseases of muga host plants som ( Persea bombycina ) Sept.’11 – Aug.’14
59 AIP-5850 Isolation, identification and characterization of insect stimulants from the muga silkworm host plants and its functional properties May’ 09 – Dec.12
58 APS-5849 Studies on Improvement of Seed Production of Muga Silkworm, Antheraea assamensis Helfer 2009-2012
57 DST, New Delhi Endocrine regulation of reproduction & enhancement of fecundity in the muga silkworm Jan 2009- Dec 2012
56 PIP-5838 Selection of promising som, Persea bombycina Kost, genotypes for improvement of muga cocoon production in N. E. India April 2005 – March 2011
55 PIT 5837 Micro propagation of Muga host plant Som (P ersea bombycina Kost) Oct. 2005 – March 2010
Characterization of soils in different muga growing areas of Assam in relation to productivity April 2005 – March 2010
53 PIT-5848 Evaluation of superior genotypes of castor ( Ricinus communis L) for eri silkworm rearing Oct. 2008 – Sept. 2010
52 AIP-5844 Inddor rearing of Muga silkworm, Antheraea assamensis (Helfer) (Lepidoptera : Saturniidae) April 2006 – March, 2010
51 AIP-3371 Formulation of viable semi-synthetic diets for young instar Vanya silkworms, v iz ., Antheraea assamensis Helfer (Muga) and Samia ricini Donovan (Eri)

(Collaboration with CSRTI, Mysore)
June 2006 – March 2010
50 APR 5845 In situ Conservation of muga silkworm A. assamensis Helfer March 2006 – March 2011
49 ARP 5846 Production and evaluation of A. assamensis Helfer hybrids. April 2006 – March 2011
48 AIB-5847 Development of eri silkworm Samia ricini (Donovan) breeds with higher fecundity and shell weight Sept. 2006 – March 2010
47 PPA001(A) Development of package of practices for intercropping in muga host plants April 1997- March 2000
46 PIP001 Improvement in quality and productivity of muga host plants April 1997- March 2000
45 APS 5812 Studies on grainage technique and reproductive structure of muga silkworm. April 1997- March 2001
44 APS 002 Studies on factors responsible for induction of pupal diapause in Antheraea assamensis through survey in natural habitat. April 1997- March 2000
43 APR 001 Stabilization of muga seed crop through improved rearing technology April 1997- March 2000
42 PIP001 Evaluation of suitable variety of castor April 1999- March 2000
41 AIA001 Breeding for improvement of eri silkworm April 1997- March 2000
40 APS 003 Standardization of embryo isolation technique and identification of cold resistant stages in muga silkworm April 1998- March 2001
39 PIB 6001 Integrated plantation system of castor and kesseru for eri culture. April 2000-March 2001
38 PPA 001 Development of package of practices for the effect of NPKon soalu plantation April 1997- April 2001
37 MOE 5823 Socio-economic  and productivity studies in muga culture April, 2000 –Sept.,2001
36 PRP 5818 Studies on the major diseases and pests of muga food plant som. April 2000-March 2002
35 APS 5817 Standardization of technology for improvement of yield and quality of muga silkworm seed. June 2000- May 2002
34 APS6002 Standardization of eri silkworm seed production technique April 2000-March 2002
33 ARE 001 Studies on pests of muga silkworm April 1997-August 2002
32 PIB 5814 Studies on propagation of different cultivers of som April 2000- March 2003
31 ARP 5815 Studies on the major pests and diseases of muga silkworm April 2000-March 2003
30 PIB 6003 (B) Improvement of eri host plant leaf yield and quality April 2000-March 2003
29 APS 6004 Improvement of eri silkworm crop production April 2000-March 2003
28 MOE  5824 Study on level of technology adoption among differrent group of farmers and their impact on production of muga cocoons. June 2002- May 2003
27 APR 5821 Studies on improvement of rearing technology for production of quality cocoons of muga silkworm. April 2000- May 2003
26 MOE 5820 (A) Development of multiple sericulture farming system April 2000- June 2003
25 DBT Digitized inventory on animal resources- Muga and Eri silkworm. Sept.2002-March 2004
24 MOE 5820 (B) Development of multiple sericulture farming system Sept. 2001-March 2004
23 MOE 5828 Assessment of integrated technology package for sustainable development in muga culture under farmers’ condition. April 2003-March 2005
22 ARP 5825 Investigation of pebrine disease in muga silkworm A. assamensis Helfer June 2002-  May 2006
21 PIB 6003 (A) Improvement in productivity of Eri Host Plant (Castor) April 2002 -Sept. 2005
20 APS 5822 Evaluation of suitable package of practices for muga seed crop rearing April, 2003 -March,2006
19 PIB 4637 Quantitative and qualitative improvement of muga host plant P. bombycina Kost through polyploidy. Aug. 2002 – July 2006
18 AIE 5827 Survey, collection, conservation and characterization of muga silkworm, A.  assamensis

Oct. 2002 –Aug. 2006
17 AIE 6005 Survey, collection, characterization and documentation of eri silkworm germplasm April 2003 –March 2007
16 BPC 5826 Muga-based Integrated Farming System (MIFS) April 2004-March 2007
15 PRP 5831 Studies on control of stem borer, Zeuzera indica , a pest of muga host plants, Som and Soalu. April 2004-March 2007
14 MOE 6006 Technology assessment and refinement for sustainable development in eri cocoon production in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam. April 2004-March 2007
13 MOE 6007 Popularization of improved eri spinning device through demonstration and training at farmer’s level. July 2004-March 2007
12 ARP 5830 Integrated management of uzifly, a pest of muga silkworm. April 2004- May 2007
11 PIB 5813 Development of organic farming system of muga host plant Som ( Persea bombycina Kost ) June 2004 – July 2007
10 AIG 3323 Charcterization of eri silkworm ( Samia ricini ) with morphological characters and molecular markers. Jan. 2005 –Dec.2007
9 PIG 5829 Genome analysis in muga silkworm host plants (Som & Soalu): DNA profiling of certain elite genotypes using molecular markers and development of mapping populations. Jan. 2004 – Dec.2007
8 BT/PR/5233/PDB /19/116/2004 Assessment of genetic variability of muga silk-worm ( Antheraea assamensis ) populations using micro-satellite markers developed at CDFD, Hyderabad. Jan. 2005 –March 2008
7 PIB 5840 Development of muga and eri based intercropping system Nov. 2005 – Aug. 2008
6 SAN No. 102/IFD /SAN/1709/ /2005-06 Phylogeography of Antheraea mylitta and Antheraea assamensis Oct. 2005 –Sept. 2008
5 PIT 5842 Development of protocol for clonal propagation of quality planting stock of Som, Persea bombycina (King ex. Hook F) Kost April 2006 – March 2009
4 AIP 5843 Stabilization of diapause strain in muga silkworm April 2006 –March 2009
3 SAN No. 102/IFD /SAN/PRO871 /2006-07 Identification, characterization and diagnosis of some important Muga silkworm diseases (Collaboration with Assam Agricultural University (AAU), Jorhat, Assam) Oct. 2007 –Nov. 2009
2 NEC/IND/ AS38/2005 Development and standardization of an improved process of cooking and reeling of Muga cocoons April 2006 – Dec. 2009
1 PRP-5841 Studies on leaf blight disease of muga food plant Litsea monopetela (Roxb). Oct. 2005 –Nov.2009

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